Frequently asked questions

How do I place an order ?

Click ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy now’ button below the product. Next, register your shipping and billing address or select guest account to proceed to payment process.

How do I make payments?

You may pay online through the payment gateways such as PayUBiz, Paypal, credit/debit card and also COD (Cash on Delivery) options are available.

Is my credit card number secure?

Our website has a secured connection via SSL Certificate to ensure your online payment transaction is safe as per the global safety and security norms.

Do you accept International credit cards for deliveries within India ?

Yes, we accept all Indian/ International Visa, MasterCards.

How is the item delivered ?

All the items are delivered through our logistics partner FedEx, DHL, and DTDC.

What if there has been a change in the recipient’s address?

Your Change of Address request should be placed at least 3 days prior to the delivery date.

Are the products delivered as per the display on the product page?

Yes. Magaraa promises to deliver the displayed product.

Please Note: Please expect a delay in the Shipment due to COVID19.

How can I confirm that the item has been delivered on-time ?

Post delivery, you would receive a delivery confirmation to your email with information on Delivery date, third pay tracking code, Time of Delivery, Name of the Recipient and Return message from the Recipient, if any

How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made ?

Shipping duration varies with products. Please refer to the dispatch date for the individual product.

Why Should I register with Magaraa?

Registered users may enjoy the benefits of the Order Tracking System, Address Book, Regular updates on the latest products and various offers available at magaraa.com. Once registered buying is made simple and easy through auto filling of billing and delivery details from the Address Book

Can the recipient send me a return message ?

Yes, the Recipient can send a return message to you. We request all Recipients to fill in the intended Return message delivery confirmation note which shall be mailed to you.

Is there any Shipping charges involved?

Currently, shipping is free Pan India. Delivery charges are incurred for international delivery as per the shipping norms of the destination countries

Is there any additional Tax/ Custom Duty charges involved?

Tax or Custom Duty charges against your shipment shall be imposed. However, it is not mandatory for all customers and it is solely dependent on the destination country's custom procedures. Magaraa is not liable for such charges payable by Customers. In some cases, the Courier Company shall bear these charges during transit which shall be collected later from the Customer.

What if I have to cancel my order ?

All orders placed can be cancelled. We request cancel requests within 24hrs from the time the order is placed. However, incase if the ordered item is perishable in nature like flowers, cakes, sweets etc and if they are shipped then they cannot be cancelled or refunded as they cannot be consumed again. To know more please read our terms and conditions.

What if the ordered item is out of stock or not available for shipping ?

In case if an ordered item is not available for shipping or out of stock, Magaraa would promptly inform the sender by email and the sender can either cancel the order or choose any alternate item for the same price

What about the Privacy of my information ?

We highly value the privacy of our customers. Our business sells our products but your information. Your name, address information, and credit card information are collected only to complete your order. We will occasionally send email to our customers notifying them of any special promotions or significant changes in our web site. If you do not wish to receive any notifications, mail your request with "Do not send me emails" as the subject.